Delivery Information

Its a service so shipping will happen

1) No refunds after running our software for the first time

2) No refunds based on satisfaction, this is a software if it works it works, there are no satisfactory basis

3) If you try to dump or crack our software, we will terminate your services without any refunds

4) If you use any cracking or dumping tools in your PC e.g., Cheat Engine, IDA, Process Hacker, HEX editor. Then your services will be terminated automatically without any refunds

5) Before any sort of refund requests based on faults from our software, we will first have to troubleshoot and do everything from our end, if incase our software does not work in your PC after troubleshooting, we will issue a full refund

6) Sharing your software key will result in termination of services without any notice and no refund will be issued

7) If you face any problems respond within 2 hours of purchase

8) Installation of our software will be done by our team using TeamViewer or any desk, you must allow access if required. No refunds will be issued if you decline this request

9) During the subscription period our software will keep a complete log of the usage so that our team can provide better support in case of any issue

10) If due to any problem in the software, you hereby, accept our service team to access your PC remotely.

11) By using our tools, you accept that you have agreed with all the above-mentioned terms and conditions

12) Do not purchase from unauthorized sources, we (Phoenix VIP) shall not be responsible for any unauthorized purchases made from any third party or unauthorized representatives

12) Do not purchase if you do not wish to comply with these terms and conditions



Official Server:

Authorized Staff: 🕊⃝🦋༄ДśʜผӑtThama༆🕊⃝🦋#1122, MAMBA#4201, ★彡[||ᴀᴍᴀʟᴇꜱʜ ᴅᴇʏ||]彡★#3608, SUNNY#8143

Please check the usernames and hashtags before contacting anyone to ensure that you are contacting the actual authorized staff.